20150911_154834Welcome to Green Hills Academy Boarding’s homepage. The boarding program was established in August 2015 in a new, purpose built building on the current campus. Our program caters for students from Grade 7 to Grade 12 from Rwanda and Internationally. With the schools IB and 50/50 program we have students with multiple nationalities, speaking multiple languages, and sharing multiple faiths. Our  two houses currently cater for 50 male students and 52 female students with live in residential staff.

We provide a full time program balanced in all areas, concentrating on providing learning opportunities for our students. Our program caters to the holistic approach of a child’s development and focuses on:

  • Academic– A 6 days a week supervised study program by qualified teaching staff, full wireless internet, access to computers and online study tools
  • Living skills–  Students learn to follow routines, manage their time and discuss issues with in our boarding community. The program is student focused and lead. Older students learn responsibility within the house and leadership amongst their peers. Extra curricular activities, opportunities for cooking, regular chores, access to a laundry and other programs allow our students to learn the skills for living independently in the future.
  • Health and fitness– Through sport, games and an activity program the students are participating in physical activity no less than 3 times a week. Students are also part of food committees and discuss issues of nutrition and menu planning.
  • Responsibility and service– Students are expected to be part of the boarding community, responsible for themselves and their actions, responsible for community property and belongings and the creation of an appropriate atmosphere based on joint values and goals. During the program students are responsible for chores, duties and each other. Each month students participate in service to align with the IB and Round Square ideals of the school including community projects, school projects and service amongst the boarding house that instills a sense of pride, generosity and kindness in our students. Service not only allows our students to help others but allows our students to understand the intrinsic value in putting others first.
  • Fun– Within our program we hope to provide opportunity in the above areas always with an emphasis on fun and happiness. With passion and the willingness to support each other we are establishing an atmosphere of joy, were students are expected to learn and help in a way they enjoy. A house that allows silliness and expects laughter whilst we work hard and responsibility and promotes time for relaxation, adventure and games.

It is our belief that the overall benefit of Boarding at Green Hills above being a day student is that the learning continues after the bell. Amongst their peers and supportive staff students have the opportunity to grow in to young adults with a strong foundation. To allow them to reach their full potential and go after their personal goals. Green Hills can be used as a learning path for university, career and travel in an environment where students are safe and protected, however free to try new things, learn, make mistakes and become the best version of themselves.

Our home page hopes to provide information for our current parents and prospective students as well as the community. For a sneak peak into the lives of our students and staff follow the blog pages, and for interested parties feel free to contact Green Hills Boarding through the contacts page.